It will not be an option.

“Till death do you part”

That small line in marriage ceremonies is by far the most important but I feel the most overlooked part…

Every day it seems I log onto social media and I see an array of photos and posts from weddings or surprise engagements. My heart is overjoyed for those people who have found the one that the Lord has set aside specifically for them. They now have a lifetime spent with someone that is so incredibly special and adds to their life that they should live in a life of happiness. But, along with the weddings and engagements, I see more and more posts of anger, resentment, and then divorce, from young lovers who have forgotten why they fell in love, and forgotten those sacred vows that they took. The vows that were spoken in front of their lover, their family and friends, and even more, in front of the Lord God Almighty. My heart hurts and breaks at the thought that they lost their way and got caught up in this decietful world.

As I sit and ponder how and why they let the world take over and consume what God had prepared, I think:

“I will pray for my future husband, because divorce will NOT be an option.” 

Are you tired of me? Go spend three days to yourself.

Mad at me? Sit me down and talk to me, do not shut me out, tell me why you are so angry with me, so that we can move on in life.

You don’t think you love me anymore? Pull out our wedding video/album and sit and remember why we fell in love.

Lusting after someone else? Pull out your bible and reread the story about David and Bathsheba.

Never forget that I fell in love with you just as much as you fell in love with me. You chose to ask for my hand in marriage and give me your last name and I leave my parents household and become one with you.

Our relationship will be built on the foundation of Christ.

So I say again, divorce will not be an option, ever.



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