Embrace the label “Kinda pretty girls”


What is a “kinda pretty girl”…

-We are the girls that blossomed late, while every other girl was drop dead gorgeous by the time they were 16, we stayed that ugly duckling just a little bit longer, and finally, in our 20’s, we are showing our true beauty.

-We are the girls that have a love of intellect and that intellect is as diverse as we are. Whether it be nature, books, reading, music, school, dance, or friendships we develop, we strive to keep our inner beauty more beautiful than our outwardly appearance. Not because we are against being a physical beautiful, but because that comes second nature to us, because we allow our hearts to speak over our mouths.. well sometimes.

-We are the girls that usually don’t turn heads or break necks.It takes more than a runway walk for guys to notice us which, is a good thing because we avoid the wrong kind of attention.

-We are the girls who are usually just a tad bit sassier and can handle being “one of the boys”. That, in turn, sometimes works against us because instead of being seen as a beautiful woman, we are… one of the guys. But we hold our own, independence is key in our lives, we have a sass that can intimidate pretty much anyone. We stand our ground and we definitely know what we want; even if we don’t know exactly what we want, we fake it till we make it.

-We are the girls that generally do not have that sex appeal that society so worships. Even if we put on a low cut shirt or the cutest dress we have, we don’t give off the “sexy” vibe. I mean, some days, I think a pregnant hippo could be 200x’s sexier than me… and you know what? That’s okay!

We are the girls that find beauty in everything, because we watch with open eyes and hearts the world around us. Everyone has a beauty about them, and every place and time has a story that we are aimlessly trying to read. We find that laughter is the best medicine, not just any old laugh either, the full ‘laugh-til-you-cannot-talk-or-breath-only-smile’, the laughs that leave your belly aching for hours. We also find that a good glass of wine, or chocolate, or hamburger can soothe any bad day.  

Dear, kinda pretty girls,

embrace your quirks!

The gorgeous girls that society shows us are beautiful, yes, but so are you. You were “fearfully and wonderfully made” and you were designed by an Almighty God, and you need to remember that.

Regardless if you have millions of freckles, a pimple or two or fourteen, a tad bit of chub, no chub at all, an awkward nose, a laugh that is usually followed by a snort, big feet, brown eyes instead of blue, brown hair instead of blonde, a size 14 instead of a size 3, wrinkles, gray hair; whatever you claim to be your kryptonite, just own it!

Own your flaws, your kinda prettiness, your quirks because I’ve come to realize that:

Sometimes the one who thinks she is the most imperfect on the outside, has one of the most perfect souls. 


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