I’ll keep my gypsy side.


This world has become to literal. 

The generations a few years older than me and younger have lost their sense of wonder and imagination and innocence.

The new thought is “being” a gypsy and all over social media I see people bashing this idea. I’ve read status/tweets like “Why would anyone want to compare themselves to a gyspy?!” or “Gypsies are disgusting people who don’t shower, and are crooks…” blah blah blah.

Just Stop. 

I am guilty of the gypsy sayings, especially when my hair is a gypsy mess. And I will back the gypsy thought every single day.

And guess what? No one is being literal about becoming a gypsy, what we are literally thinking about is wanting to become people who experience life!

Traveling, learning lessons, following our hearts. People that do not try to live day in and day out with a set schedule, but have the justification to enjoy life. We aren’t wanting to be vagabonds that move from place to place and avoid work; we are the people that won’t stay around somewhere if it makes us unhappy. We are the free spirits, the movers, the shakers; we keep our life options open and go where the wind, our hearts, or the good Lord sends us, or all three in some cases.

The “gypsies” in the world are the ones making it by with smiles and life lessons. We dance to the beat of our own drum and any life circumstances that are thrown our way is just another chapter to add to our worn book, and keep our stories interesting. We are the ones who decide at 6pm to travel 8 hours to experience an hour of fun. These are the ones that keep everyone on their toes. We find time to do the things we love whether it is sitting horseback, reading a book, drinking as much beer or wine as possible. The ones that keep their imagination on and enjoy the simplest things in life like: a good cup of coffee or a smile from a stranger.

Go on gypsy souls, keep on following your heart and breaking through your comfort zones to find passions and to discover every thing you can about anything you want. Use up every ounce of life you have been blessed with. Keep dreaming and keep moving forward.

So when you see someone discussing their gypsy side, think for a minute that they may have a slight wild side, a sparkle in their eye that only travel and being silly, crazy, goofy, can tame. And then you think about your own self, because I know everyone, in their own way has a little “threadbare gypsy soul”, some just show it more than others.

“I want to rid of clocks and live by the rising sun

worship the moon

walk off the beaten path

Live on my own terms

Fall in love with everyone I meet

Collect stories to tell

Free my gypsy soul.”