Be a Peter Pan; Be a Wendy.


Growing up, Peter Pan was the ultimate idol for every child. He had this charismatic nature about life that we all had a slight envy of… and especially for us girls, we hoped to be a Wendy.

Peter Pan never wanted to grow up, he wanted to remain a lost boy forever, flying towards the second star on the right, straight on, until morning; and yet, Wendy, who seemed to have the best time of her life, knew she could not remain in Neverland forever…

she went back, she eventually, grew up.

I don’t know about you, but some of us are definitely the Wendy’s. We had our fun in childhood and now, here we are, in our 20’s, adults. The Wendy’s grew up. The Wendy’s found love young, an everlasting love that Tuck had for Winnie, that Gus McCrae had for Kate; genuine and deep love. They then got married, and began their life of jobs, marriage, and the beginning of new life: babies. The Wendy’s are the ones that {seem} to have their lives together. They have the fairy tale look, the love, the house, the family, the friends… everything.


There are the Peter’s. The Peter’s are the ones who have dabbled in love, and still have yet to find the right one; the one that sets their souls on fire, that continues to give them butterflies, or keep them on their toes from a nervous excitement. The Peter’s have said goodbye too many, felt hopeless and confused, rushed into love only for love to leave them again. The Peter’s are also the ones who are striving to succeed in other endeavors besides family building. They are developing a career, going through or finishing school, moving around 700 times because they have an unsettled spirit. These are the ones, in their 20’s who seem to not have their life together. They get asked questions like:

“So has your dating life picked up any?”

“When are you going to settle down and be with someone?”

“*Insert name here* was a good one! Why didn’t you keep them around?”

“Oh… you’re still in school…? Do you really need that Masters?” 

Let me tell you… the Peters in this world feel like  t i m e i s s t a n d i n g s t i l l. They look at the Wendy’s and wish, pray, or rain dance daily to be given that opportunity. There hearts are unsettled at the fact that they haven’t achieved their own personal goals and ambitions, on top of, not gaining the love, marriage and family in a “timely” fashion.

You see, the Peter’s feel two types of stresses, they get the stress of the world saying BE SUCCESSFUL, GO TO COLLEGE, GET THAT CAREER, while on the other side the stress from family and friends saying GET MARRIED ALREADY, I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE STILL IN SCHOOL, HOW CAN YOU FIND SOMEONE IF YOU ARE WORKING SO MUCH, QUIT BEING SO PICKY.

I would like to say, it is okay to be a Wendy. If you have found the love that sets your soul on fire, do not hold back, for any second, regardless of timing or age. Love has no boundaries and if you are blessed to find that love in your teens or 20’s, why run from it? Why try to escape from it? Pursue it and find that family and marriage and dream life with your dream job and dream spouse. Do not settle for anything less than extraordinary. But Wendy’s, treasure your Peter friends. These friends have backed you and will continue to back you at every single milestone moment of your life. They are the ones who talked to you after your first date with Mr. Forever, they arranged or were present at your engagement, they celebrated and danced the night away at your wedding, and they held your baby in the hospital, and tried to hold back tears of happiness and pride. The Peter’s wish for more for themselves, but wish for even more milestone moments that they can celebrate with and for you.

But for you Peter’s, listen up, do not compare yourselves to the Wendy’s. You have a far different path that this world is taking you on, and you are not standing still. Do not get discouraged if the world and others around you are moving forward and getting through life and, some days, you can barely get ready in a timely fashion, let alone be responsible for others. Time is not your enemy, it is a small reminder that you are achieving your dreams. Build a life that makes you proud enough to share it with someone else. Keep up the good work, but don’t let the negativity of the world and even your own thoughts surround you, because you have done some thing that the Wendy’s haven’t gotten to experience… building you. You have learned that with faith, trust, and a little pixie dust, you have been able to fly with the wings that you have built, yourself.

So remind the world that you are a Peter! It may seem you are moving slower, passing time way more graciously than you should, with things that may not matter to most, but they mean something to you. Do not get discouraged on yourself, because, although eventually you will grow up, live for the here and now. Embrace the idea that you can move or travel wherever your heart pleases with no boundaries and no rules; embrace the fact that you are a learner and you would be okay with getting 17 different degrees in things that may mean absolutely nothing to some, but to you, it is a whole world of new opportunities; embrace the fact that you have no idea what in the hell you are doing with your life, but you are doing it, you are getting by on a wing and a prayer. And, embrace the fact that time is on your side, and that your plan and your future may need to take a little longer because it is developing into something far greater than you can ever image.

Remember, it is okay to be a Peter, it is okay to be a Wendy, but also strive to . . .

fight for your fairy tale. because it does exist.

-Hope Sorrells