Bless the Ag Teacher’s Husband.


Yes, You read that title correctly.

Bless the Ag Teacher’s Husband. 

Everyone knows the Ag Teacher’s wife. The lady who is practically perfect in the eyes of the students. The one who’s hair is always perfectly done, make-up is just right, and always sporting the latest fashion, but incorporates National Blue and Corn Gold into their fashion collection. The lady who is at almost every event. They show up to help decorate for banquet; they constantly lend a helping hand; they try to make it to every stock show or state convention that they can. They even show up for events not directly incorporated with the Ag program or the FFA, such as football games, PTA meetings, school board meetings, decorating for homecoming or prom. And every Ag/FFA member knows that the Ag Teacher’s wife, inevitably, becomes your second mom, and they dang sure will discipline like you are one of their own.

But, in this day and age, there are women Ag teacher’s, so… What about their Husbands? Where do they fit in? Do they truly understand what they are getting into…? Is it different for the Ag teacher husband as compared to an Ag teacher wife?


Do they volunteer with the booster club? Will they help on clip day? Are they going to get mad if my shoes smell like crap? Will they decorate for banquet? What about helping get the boys collars straight in official dress? And snacks?! Will they make snacks for trips? Will he be upset when we say we will be home in 5 minutes, but in reality, we haven’t even left the school? What about when we send pictures that we think are SO cool? Will he be just as stoked? Will they listen to judgers practice? Or watch, over and over, the Ag issues team? Can they possibly begin to understand the excitement of getting hotels at a discount during stock show season? Will they get annoyed when we begin to recite the creed without even thinking? Will they be able to understand the spreadsheets we put together for everything in life? Do they understand that the children will grow up in the back of an Ag truck because FFA kids provide free babysitting?! Will they understand!?

The answer, to every question I feel is… yes. They will gladly take on any role that they volunteer or, are volun-told to do. However, there will always be a slight difference between how they perform the duties that they will be assigned.

-They will show up for booster club meetings, because there is usually free food. Which is a BONUS, because that means leftovers get to stay in the fridge just a little longer.

-Making snacks.. probably not, however, they will make a midnight run to walmart to be sure that you have at least something to snack on while waiting in line to unload at stock show. Beef jerky, Pringles, and Gatorade anyone!?

-Even with FFA contests and official dress! He will grin and bear it when he hears, for the 12 millionth time, the Ag issues team script or the creed. He, will not, voluntarily, listen to these speeches… that one of those volun-told moments that tend to happen. Oh, and FFA colors, he definitely will be wearing, as long as you make sure he has that shirt on before he leaves for the day.

-And decorating for banquet, of course! They can toss some table cloths and pretty emblem center pieces along with the best of them. Always remember, there will be an FFA momma coming right behind him, to “tweak” on the decor that he so graciously put up!

Those Ag Teacher Husband’s will be some of the most patient men you will ever meet. They will  be able to jump in and deal with a stressing hog, or listen to the tears of a teenage girl who just broke up with the love of her life. He will know and love those kids, just like you do. He will stay caught up on all the gossip and will have his own opinion on disciplining the problem child in 3rd period. Keep in mind, they will put aside their masculinity for a minute or two to help purchase extra sets of panty hose for official dress, carry a purse or bag, and cut flower steams to help prepare you for the next’s days lesson in floral design.

So thank you to the Ag Teacher’s Wife who help so much,

but bless those Ag Teacher’s Husband’s.


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