Can I do this?


Can I do this?

This question has constantly been crossing my mind and my heart since, about March. March 6th to be exact. March 6th at 1:20pm to be even more exact. It was the moment that I heard, “Whom shall I send and who will go for me?” and I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

Now, when I first gave that bold statement, I was in… well… shock. My heart uttered the words, my brain and my mouth were definitely trying to catch up. I had accepted a position with AgriCorps, a non-profit organization, that will allow me to pursue my love of teaching and agriculture in a very un-conventional classroom.

I will be heading off to Ghana, West Africa in early August. 

I have always had a passion for loving people, travel, agriculture, and teaching. I found all four of those loves in the middle of a Honduran village in March of 2012. {(Does anyone else see the re-occuring theme of March being the game changer?)} I had the opportunity to be a part of the Readership Ambassador program at West Texas A&M University where myself, along with 18 of my peers ventured off to an adventure of a lifetime. In the Honduran village, they had just recently built a one-room school house and I saw children ECSTATIC to be coming to school and learning.

After that experience, I knew that I would be heading off to another country to teach Ag. But in the midst of my big dreams, I had a little smaller accomplishments happening. I survived student teaching, an experience that I loved, accepted a Graduate Assistant position back at WTAMU, and walked the stage with my Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Education. I didn’t forget about the global teaching, but it wasn’t a priority, at least not in those moments in my life. Until November of 2016. I was introduced to AgriCorps by another grad student and I, out of curiosity, went to their website and began reading the blogs. My heart instantly swelled, I had tears rolling, and I heard my first small whisper of, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?”

And me, being the stubborn, sometimes too bullheaded, of a person ignored it. The words, “There is no way. I can’t do that. Sounds cool. But I can’t do it,” instantly filled up, what I thought was my heart, but was actually just my head. I continued to fight it, even as the recruiter kept trying to find a time to call and chat with me, I still fought the small “Whom shall I send? Who will go for me?”

Fast forward to February, I finally stopped all my emotions and listened to the mission about AgriCorps and I got off the phone, looked at my mom and said,

“I am doing this.”

But after, once you get into your own thoughts, slow down and really think; doubt quickly and quietly sets in. I began asking,

“Can I do this?” Can I leave for one year? Leave behind family, friends, the lifestyle I know, the teaching comforts I love? Can I really step out of that comfort zone of mine and venture to West Africa to Ghana and teach a discipline I so love and adore? Can I even gather my own thoughts enough to explain to people, who I know will look at me like I am quite crazy, and bear my transparency and show them my heart and my passion for this?

Often, this life gives us more opportunities then we actually accept, and I am no different. I am given moments that are small and seem insignificant but in the long run and in reality, they are game changers. Opportunities do not all look the same. Some come barging through a closed door, loud and forceful; others are more polite, they knock and simply wait. Yet others, the ones that will break you out of that comfort zone, make you question everything you know, are the ones that don’t knock or barge in. They wait, until you are ready to walk up to the door, turn the handle, open it up and invite them in. Those are the opportunities to look for and embrace. The opportunities that will turn your world completely upside down. Whether that is trying a new restaurant for the first time, traveling 2 hours away with best friends, leaving all that you know and love and packing up a years worth of items into four bags, or simply going out on your own for a vacation you desperately need.

Find those moments of “Can I do this?” and do them. Don’t let fear or doubt discourage you, fight through. Find your moment to test every status quo you have been taught, to find your boundaries and make them just a little bit bigger.

For me, it is changing my comfort zone from the shape of Texas to Honduras and now to Africa.

-Hope Sorrells


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