Find Her.


Find the one that makes you question everything you have ever known.

Find her, you know, the one at first glance steals your entire attention. The one that makes you do everything in you being to get her attention and steal her affection.

Find the one that turns you into your grandad; writing love letters back and forth like you are in a faraway place during the Great War. The one that makes you look at love stories in a new way.

Find her. The one that drives you absolutely insane but calms every nerve in your body. Th one that pulls out an old fashioned romance that the world so desperately wants to cover up. The one where dates are frequent and being kissed good night at the door is a known.

Find the girl that has the most beautiful look about her when she has messy hair and sleepy eyes, or is wearing an old ball cap and your ragged t-shirt because that is her favorite outfit. The one that, when she laughs, the whole world stops and stares. The one that makes you want to go on any adventure when you look into her sparkling, mischievous eyes.

The one that sets your soul on fire with the brush of her hand against yours.

Find the one that is a mystery and makes your heart skip beats and the very sight of her makes you re-gain those nervous butterflies that you try to control. The one that makes you desire intellectual and emotional attraction far before physical. The girl that makes you lust after her, but not for her body, but for her thoughts.

Find the girl that buries her heart into her passions so deeply that you begin to fall in love with her beautiful and complicated self.

Find her, and do not lose her.

Fight for her. Seek her. 

For there is an old fashioned romance out there for each and every one of you. But it isn’t one that is mediocre by nature. No. It is hard work, but once you find her, you will experience love that you have only heard about in stories.

“She wasn’t created for everybody, her heart wasn’t made for everyone. Her love won’t be enough for just any man.” –Pierre Jeanty


-Hope Sorrells