The Minor Character.


Have you ever been in the middle of your ‘send me, I will go’ moment in your walk in faith and then all of a sudden God whispers to you,

My child, you have done all that I have sent you to do.

And then you sit there, feeling almost defeated, because you felt like you hadn’t finished your mission?


I’ve been there, a few times… okay, more than a few times, but over the past year I have battled with the thought that, I didn’t do anything!? I didn’t change anything! Lord, you sent me, I was there, and then you called me back saying I had done what you needed me to do… BUT I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. I remember that moment, all too well. When I yelled at God, opened my mind and bared my entire heart and soul. I sat there, lost, not understanding the ways at which God works. It wasn’t because I am naive in His ways, but I thought I would be more significant; like I would do mighty things like Moses or change the hearts of millions like Paul or hide spies because I had that much faith like Rahab. Yet, that isn’t how I felt at all.

See, often I feel that, as Christians, we are slightly steered in a direction that if we are doing God’s work we will become those infinitely famous characters like Moses. We will begin changing lives and seeing a large ripple effect that goes for miles, and we will know we were the initial little mark for that. But, as I have learned all too well, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, God uses the minor characters to change the course of history, and they are almost the forgotten ones. Much like Ruth’s mother-in-law who simply didn’t refuse to let Ruth come along with her back to her home land; she allowed Ruth to press forward and inevitably, that is how Ruth and Boaz met. Had it not been for that mother-in-law allowing her to press on, Ruth wouldn’t have met her Boaz and the line of Jesus would have been changed, entirely. Had a boy not brought his lunch on a particular day, he would have never been the reason that Jesus was able to feed the five thousand with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. A miracle happened due to one minor character.

The minor characters are just as vital. They are the ones that play a part in a storyline they know nothing about. They remain faithful and true to who they are and their character, and lives are changed. God uses those moments to shape hearts and history.

It is okay to feel like the minor character.

It is okay to seek counsel for every aspect of life, and not understand, one bit, about God’s plan. You don’t have to be a Moses or a Noah or a Paul in order for God to use you.

Had I not played a minor character, I would have never met such amazing people while in Ghana, I wouldn’t have taught sweet babies ballet or tap, I wouldn’t be changing the lives of girls in a detention center by being faithful and joyous in all circumstances, and I wouldn’t be teaching the subject I love to kids I love dearly in a school that cares for me.

You may never understand a role that God gives you, but He will make sure, that whether it be major or minor, that you change the hearts and lives of others all around, and maybe, just maybe, those blessings and changes will come back to thank you.

-Hope Sorrells